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Predicting the US Election 2016 with Cognitive Analytics

Predicting the US 2016 Election with Cognitive Text Analytics — November 9, 2016

Predicting the US 2016 Election with Cognitive Text Analytics

We used TEXTIENT Cognitive Analytics platform powered by IBM Watson to conduct three types of  Cognitive Analysis to predict the 2016 US elections i.e. the winning possibility for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

All our Analysis provided cues to  Donald Trump having an edge over Hillary Clinton in winning the 2016 US election.

You can view the analysis details as below.,

  • 1.The first analysis is based on modeling Trump and Clinton in the notion of a Brand by analysing the voice of the people on the respective Facebook pages of Trump and Clinton. The key formula or the secret sauce of  this analysis approach is “The power of a Brand lies in what resides in the minds and hearts of the people” !

The analysis deck can be viewed on the following slideshare link

Posted on Oct’8,2016:

  • 2. The second analysis is based on the cognitive analysis of  the Second and Third presidential debate speech transcripts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. For this, we had applied the emotional and proprietary predictive methods. The key formula in this analysis approach is to decipher the winning possibilities by analysing specific cognitive orientation (rational, affective and psychological) of Trump and Clinton.

The analysis deck can be viewed on the following slideshare link

Third presidential debate transcript analysis

Posted on Oct’23, 2016 :

Second presidential debate based transcript analysis

Posted on Oct’11,2016 :

  • 3. The third analysis which was done on 9, Nov 2016 between 11.30 AM to 1 PM IST is based on analyzing the news content (hundreds of sampled news content aggregated and analysed ). The reason why we didnot take the above two approach was based on the premise that given the juncture of election, its progress and the final phase of voting, the (global) news content is likely to indicate the winner with out an influence and bias. You can find the analysis details in the slideshare link given below

Posted on Nov’9,2016:

Election Updates

As on  09, Nov 2016  IST (around 11 am) ,  Google search information indicated Donald Trump leading Hillary clinton . i.e. Donald Trump – 244 (26 needed) and Clinton (215, 55 needed)

Donald Trump on course for victory :  News article by Telegraph,  UK

Donald Trump’s winning

Nov 09, 13:22 IST, As per information on Google search, Donald Trump has won the presidential election.!

Photo credits: Frank Camp, flickr